About Ohio Student Association

Formed in 2012, Ohio Student Association (OSA) is a statewide organization led by young people. OSA engages in values-based issue & electoral organizing, nonviolent direct action, advocacy for progressive public policy, and leadership development. On campuses and communities across Ohio, we organize young people to build independent political power.

We are young people breaking cultural, economic and political chains by collectively swinging back against systems of oppression. We do this through grassroots organizing, direct action, and leadership development. We are a vehicle for people who believe another world is possible.

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    OSA is hiring Cleveland Field Organizers!

    OSA is searching for students, recent graduates, and young people in Cleveland to canvass for our voter registration drive across Cleveland campuses.We’re looking for an authentic, talented and resourceful person who is passionate about building grassroots political power for young people in Ohio through political field organizing.


    Voter Registration Canvasser Job Description

    Time & Money:

    August 22nd – October 11th


    Core Responsibilities:

    • At least 20 hours every week in the field registering young voters.
    • Recruiting and coaching volunteers for field program


    • Can work 30hrs/wk (there can be several exceptions with OSU students able to work 20 hrs/wk
    • Works effectively as part of a team
    • Confident talking to strangers about OSA, voter reg and building political power
    • Disciplined and reliable
    • Strong communication skills
    • By state law cannot have a felony on record dated after August 2006

    How to Apply: 

    • Send your resume and a cover letter to Tatyana@ohorganizing.org
    • Interviews and hiring will be done on rolling basis (please consider applying  early)


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    Recap: Catchin’ Bodies Summit in Ohio

    Note: This blog was originally posted here on feministcampus.org

    On June 11th and 12th, I had the privilege of attending the Ohio Student Association’s Catchin’ Bodies Summit. It was my first experience at an OSA event, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I encountered was a group of dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate people who worked their hardest to make everyone feel welcome. For me, the most uplifting part of the summit was meeting so many people who were not only interested in social justice, but specifically bringing justice to Ohio. As someone who plans on working in Ohio for years to come, it was refreshing to meet people who cared as much about the state as I do.

    We started off by breaking into groups to practice resonance. Resonance is where members of the group share their stories, and the other group members acknowledge what parts resonated with them. Part of the challenge for some people is to simply listen to their peers, instead of sharing parts of their stories out of turn. Resonance encourages showing empathy and solidarity with one’s peers without purposely or accidentally one-upping each other. It was a fulfilling experience where I felt safe to share my story, and I could feel validated in my experiences.

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    We're Hiring in Columbus!

    Ohio Student Association on The Ohio State University's campus is hiring Field Organizers and Lead Field Organizers. If you are passionate about social justice and civic engagement and you are interested in working with Ohio Student Association in the Columbus area, check out the attached job descriptions and please consider applying!

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