Wright State Student Power Summit

Community. Transparency. Family. Unity. Cooperation. Justice. Love. Equality. Dignity. Critical thinking.

IMG_8719small.jpgOhio students are talking about their values, about their vision of a society and education system that embodies those values, and they are talking about how to make it happen. It is an ongoing conversation, part of a “sustained dialogue” about deep, inherited, structural inequality and how we might meaningfully work toward justice.  

To (re)ignite, spread, and focus this powerful conversation, Wright State students hosted leaders from Wright State, Sinclair Community College, Wilberforce University, the Dayton community, and the statewide Ohio Student Association team came together yesterday. Wilberforce students shared formidable stories about their own courageous project to transform the governance structure of their university. Dr. Deborah Wilcox uplifted the significance of students while drawing insight and experiences from her lifelong dedication to grassroots social justice work. The energy and presence of change sustained conversations in the room until close to midnight, and rapidly-approaching next steps are on everyone’s minds.

IMG_8731small.jpgAt 4:00 pm on Thursday February 21st in Millett Hall, Wright State students are holding a press conference called The Black Out. The student-organized public forum is an opportunity for students to voice their experiences in and concerns about the university and work toward collective solutions. The Black Out will especially uplift experiences from the African American student community regarding discriminatory event policy and police brutality.