Town Hall on the Future of Columbus City Schools

town_hall_2.jpgAnyone who has been in or around Columbus City Schools knows that major changes are needed so that we can provide the best education possible for all children in Columbus. Mayor Coleman has taken on this crucial issue, and formed the Columbus Education Commission to improve education in our city. The Commission was formed with $500k in corporate dollars, and $500 of our public dollars. There are 25 appointed members, some of whom have proposed "solutions" that could have devastating results for our neighborhood schools and our children. 

At the last commission meeting, changes to the way our schools are run were proposed, including a school board takeover. A school takeover means that we as parents, grandparents, teachers, concerned citizens, and our community would lose the ability to vote to impact our children’s education. Unelected and unaccountable people would be running our school board and controlling the funds that taxpayers put towards education.

town_hall_1.jpgWhile there are real problems in our schools that need real solutions, corporations are trying to take advantage and profit off of these issues. They want to control our schools because it means control over the Columbus City Schools’ $1.4 billion budget. Similar efforts in other cities like Chicago have led to massive school closings, strikes, lay offs, and has severely interrupted children's education. 

Fixing our schools takes the entire community working together for the betterment of our children. When powerful people play politics with our schools, it is our children who pay the price. 

Now is the time to tell the commission not to give up on the Columbus community. The Ohio Student Association and the No School Takeover community coalition will host a public Town Hall to discuss these issues and show that we are more than capable of holding our elected school board members accountable for the children of Columbus.

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