Students Stand Up for Higher Ed

lobby_day1.jpgOn February 25th Ohio Student Association joined with Young Invincibles, State Representative Kathleen Clyde, State Representative Dan Ramos and student government representatives from major universities from across Ohio to urge legislators to consider student impact in the 2015 biennial budget. 

"Capping tuition at unaffordable is not enough. We must invest in the future of Ohio's economy by investing in higher ed" said Rep Ramos. "Our governor has cut $3 billion in taxes, if we spent just 10% on need-based aid for higher education, we'd QUADRUPLE the amount of aid for Ohio Students."

In our high tuition and low-aid state, a college degree is becoming more and more inaccessible for Ohio's students. We joined together to hear stories from first generation college students, recent graduates, and young people who cannot afford to finish school because of slashed to need-based financial aid.

We are part of a national campaign Higher Ed, Not Debt because we believe every young person has the right to a high quality education from pre-K through college without being burdened with student loan debt.