Student Victory Against Ohio Poll Tax!

amelia2.jpgThe students who stood up to Ohio legislators' voter suppression tactics aimed at disenfranchising out of state college students could not be ignored. 

Amelia Hayes of Ohio Student Association joined Senator Nina Turner on an Ed Show interview on MSNBC last week to speak out against this provision snuck into a transportation bill.  

Governor John Kasich used his line-item veto authority today to kill language that would have required out-of-state college students who register to vote in Ohio to obtain in-state licenses and vehicle registrations within 30 days. 

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the governor let stand a new portion of the law requiring new residents to get an updated license and registration within 30 days. But he stripped out the measure linking that provision with voting registration. 

Ohio Student Association has advocated for expanding voting access, not limiting it. We want to see initiatives that exist in other places to enhance our democracy and support voting like automatic voter registration, online voter registration options and same day voter registration.