Student Debt Crisis at Kent!

Kent State students will be rallying at the second floor lobby, where the board has their meetings, to show them the faces of debt. That will be at 7:00 am, then following we are hosting a press conference where we will have statistics and stories on student debt at Kent. Come out in support and help us get the message out there, that there is a student debt crisis in Kent and we need to change this.

May 28, 2014 at 7am - 8am
Risman Plaza
Cassandra Cecil ·
Sarah Adkins Djhumanize Josh Alwiyah Shariff Rachel Porter Colin Montgomery John Hess Ryan Kreaps Victoria Heeter Holly Neuhaus Kelsey Watson Nish Collins Dave Goldshtein Ashley Manning Cassandra Cecil

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Sarah Adkins
Djhumanize Josh
Alwiyah Shariff
Rachel Porter
Colin Montgomery
John Hess
Ryan Kreaps
Victoria Heeter
Holly Neuhaus
Kelsey Watson
Nish Collins
Dave Goldshtein
Ashley Manning
Cassandra Cecil

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    hey guys just a reminder to be peaceful, nonviolent, and quiet since we will be in the library tomorrow! and idk how to insert file but here's a copy of the rules tomorrow.KENT STATE UNIVERSITY Board of Trustees 2013-2014 Members of the university community and the public are welcome to observe the public consideration of matters and the transaction of business by the Kent State University Board of Trustees. Your interest in the university’s welfare is appreciated. The draft agenda for each Board business meeting is posted online approximately one week in advance of the meeting date at the site: The Board retains the option of retiring into Executive Session pursuant to appropriate statutes. For your information, below are the rules that govern public attendance at meetings of the Kent State University Board of Trustees. Jane M. Timken Chair, Board of Trustees Rules Governing Public Attendance at Board of Trustees’ Meetings 1. Attendance, open to all who wish to observe the meeting, is limited to the seating capacity “on a first-come, first-seated basis” of the public gallery. Chairs will be reserved for university vice presidents and for communications media representatives. Members of the audience are requested to remain seated during the meeting. 2. The public is to refrain from conversation or other behavior that would interfere with the conduct of the meeting or the rights of others to observe and listen to the proceedings. Only persons authorized to do so by the Chair of the Board of Trustees shall address the Board. 3. No sound amplifiers other than the systems provided at the Board’s instruction are permitted in the meeting room. No placards will be posted or otherwise displayed in the meeting room. 4. There will be no smoking in the Board meeting room, nor will any liquids that might be spilled on the carpet be brought into the room. 5. The Chamber in which the Board meeting is held is reserved for use only by the Board for the duration of this meeting. No other meeting, conference, open forum, et cetera, will be conducted in this chamber during the intervals the Board may be in Executive Session. 6. Additional, commonly accepted rules of decorum appropriate to a meeting of the KSU Board of Trustees, although not enumerated here, will also be observed. 7. In keeping with provisions of the KSU Constitution, persons, other than members of the University’s Board of Trustees or the President, who desire to address the Board when it is in session must give at least two weeks written notice prior to the meeting at which it is proposed the topic be considered. The written notice must set forth the subject proposed for discussion and should be sent to the Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Second Floor, Library. The Chair of the Board shall determine which subjects so proposed for discussion shall be placed on the agenda for the meeting. She may make other appropriate disposition of such requests. 8. Persons violating these rules may be required to leave the meeting and be subject to appropriate sanctions.
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    Just talked with Carol from the Akron Beacon Journal!!! Their gonna be there!!!!!
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    Yay posters!!!!