Politics of Black Hair

Cleveland OSA members held their first Politics of Black Hair event last Wednesday, March 18th. This event launched a conversation around why black hair is political, including going through the history of black hair from pre-slavery to 1980.

The presentation however did not only focus on the political nature of black hair but went hand in hand with the time period. For example, in Africa pre-slavery, Africans believed that your hair was in direct relation to how close to God you were so people did not cut their hair often.

OSA believes this event is necessary because there aren’t many spaces for people to come together to discuss purely black culture in a way that is not separating the black community but is focused on bringing awareness to real issues that affect black people. Hair is one of those things.

Our next Politics of Black Hair event will be Wednesday April 8th from 6:30-8:30 at the Khnemu Lighthouse Foundation located at 966 East 105th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44108. Click here to RSVP!