OSA Defends Voting Rights

alwiyah.jpgThe 2012 election season was marked by concerted attempts to suppress the votes of communities of color, working class people, the elderly, and young people. 

In Ohio, the controversy was detailed in an op-ed titled "Overt Discrimination in Ohio”, highlighting that our Secretary of State Jon Husted was giving conservative leaning counties extended early voting hours while limiting early voting hours in progressive counties.  

OSA students stood up to these discriminatory practices. When more directives were issued attempting to eliminate weekend voting hours, students mobilized to make sure their voices would be heard.  

IMG_6912.JPGThrough OSA’s collaboration with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, Ohio Prophetic Voices, Colorofchange.org, and Stand Up Ohio, over 80,000 online petition signatures were collected and delivered to Ohio Secretary of State John Husted demanding that weekend voting be reinstated in Ohio.

Click here to watch "The March of Our Time," a short video made by ColorOfChange.org that features Ohio Student Association students from Columbus, Ohio standing up to voter suppression.