OSA Dayton Collects 500 Signatures Launching Freedom Summer

Dayton_Action.jpgOn Saturday Ohio Student Association members kicked off Freedom Summer in Dayton by colleting over 500 signatures for the Ohio Voters Bill of Rights!

Young people gathered with OSA at the crack of dawn to begin canvassing at the African American Wellness Walk, reaching out to community members about the importance of protecting our acess to the ballot. The Voter Bill of Rights would give Ohioans the opportunity to vote to protect early voting, weekend voting, and evening hours for all Ohioans in the state constitution.

Dayton_Action_2.jpgOSA breaked for lunch and community building and continued the planning process for Freedom Summer 2014. Dayton, along with other cities around Ohio, will be launching a Freedom Hub to host a summer of political education, field organizing, and community celebration.

Students from around the state joined Dayton volunteers for an afternoon of canvassing in Yellow Springs reaching community members from around the state. OSA members not only want more young people to vote, we are building a voting bloc of young people who care about educational justice in Ohio. Student debt and the school to prison pipeline crushing young peoples dreams, and it is time for young people to shape the policies that affect them.

Dayton_action_3.jpgLead organizer Prentiss Haney expressed his feelings about the day, "this moment with my team makes all the hard work worth it. We do it not for ourselves, but for our people. We are standing on the shoulders of greatness. We must carry the torch high as if our breaths depends on it. We must love each other as if our hearts depend on it. Because in reality, we do depend on it, on each other."