Ohio Higher Education Coalition Rally

fundeducation520x306.jpgThe people who make up our universities -faculty, staff and students are being taken advantage of more and more in our universities. Thats why the Ohio Higher Education Coalition, made up of the Ohio Conference of American Association of University Professors, Ohio Education Association, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association, and Ohio Student Association joined together on Tuesday May 13th for a Rally for the Future of Higher Education!

BninHxbCIAA49f5.jpgAt the rally we focused on urging our legislators to stand with us on three issues affecting our campuses and communities:

  1. Fight to end student debt!
  2. Make public higher education funding a public priority!
  3. Advocate for greater rights and equity for all faculty and staff! 

We visited with legislators, gave public testimony, and discussed the three issue areas to plan for future action.  It's time for students, faculty, parents, and all those who understand the value of public higher education in a democratic society to have their voices heard.