Justice for John Crawford

From Ferguson to LA, New York to Beavercreek, the story is becoming clearer and clearer. We need a fundamental shift between our communities and law enforcement.
Will you join us for "What is Justice? - Rally at the Statehouse" at 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH at 12pm this Saturday October 18th?
John Crawford was a young black man who picked up a toy gun from a shelf at the Beavercreek, Ohio Wal-Mart. After 911 caller Ronald Ritchie made false accusations about his behavior, Officer Sean Williams responded to the dispatcher and within minutes shot and killed Crawford. He was on the phone with the mother of his children, and the last words she heard him say were "it's not real." 
Ohio Student Association has responded to this tragedy with a series of escalating actions, including vigils, a 12 mile pilgrimage, and a 3 day occupation of the Beavercreek Police station. Still, the officer has not been indicted or fired, no charges have been brought against the 911 caller, and no changes have been made to police trainings.
We must continue our demands up the power structure in our state because our prosecutors and judges, our governor and attorney general, and our state legislators are complicit in what happened in Beavercreek and what happens all the time in Ohio, especially to people of color.
We are going to the seat of power in our state. It is where laws are enacted and enforced, and we have the power and responsibility to elect and hold our officials accountable to protect us too. Will you join us?

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  1. Buy a T-Shirt at www.teespring.com/protectustoo
  2. Donate funds for food & supplies at www.ohiostudentassociation.org/donate

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    Justice for Everyone!
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