Higher Ed Not Debt

1488897_10152623242708154_1286533673_n.jpgThe student debt crisis is out of control, and shows no sign of stopping on its own. Across the country, the student debt bubble has grown to over $1 trillion, more than all other forms of debt except for mortgage debt. Tuition costs have doubled and in some cases tripled in just the last 20 years. Student loan debt holders cannot declare bankruptcy, our generations' credit is tanking, our wages are being garnished, and our parent and grandparent co-signers are even having their social security garnished. It's wrecking our communities, economy, and our lives.
Here in Ohio, we have the 6th highest share of graduates leaving with debt (69%) and the 9th highest average debt load ($29,000). The state has been disinvesting from higher education for years, and campus administrations have been taking money out of the classroom and students' pockets and putting it into stadiums, real estate development, and administrators' six-figure salaries. If we want to have a higher education system that is truly accessible and affordable to all Ohioans, we are going to have to fight for it. And we are.

On campuses, in the statehouse, and in communities, the Ohio Student Association is fighting for debt free higher education that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Because nobody deserves to go into thousands of dollars of debt for pursuing their dreams and nobody deserves to be turned away from college due to cost.
We are fighting for this, along with other higher education issues as part of the Ohio Higher Education Coalition (OHEC) along with the Ohio Education Association (OEA), Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT), American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association (OPTFA). Our goal is to organize the voices of those who are demanding affordable and accessible higher education in high quality colleges and universities that treat those they employ with dignity and fairness.
We also join over 20 other national and local organizations across the country in the Higher Ed Not Debt campaign to make changes across the country, at every level.


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