Freedom Summer Launches in Columbus with a "Bloc Party"

Bloc_Party_2.jpgColumbus OSA members launched Freedom Summer in Columbus on Saturday with a canvass day at the Columbus Arts Festival and celebrated with a Bloc Party at Westgate Park.

Members collected signatures for the Ohio Voter Bill of Rights and registered people to vote. "Many people are really tired of our access to the polls being messed with," one canvasser said. "People in our community want voting to be easier, but it seems like some elected officials are trying to make it harder."

Bloc_Party.jpgAfter working hard to protect the right to vote in Ohio, there is no better way to end a day of canvassing then with community fun. Tthe next destination was to the west side for a Freedom Summer Bloc Party. 

Hundreds joined the celebration with food, music, and games for kids to kick off the summer of social justice education, field organizing, and community celebration!