University of Cincinnati Student Power Summit

small_UC_power_summit.jpgLeaders from various student power hubs at the University of Cincinnati met on the evening of Sunday, February 24 to talk about joining up to work toward educational justice in Ohio.

Some of these student leaders are already working to change the conversation around race, gender, sex and stratification in our community. The group included students who are studying school psychology and special education, students who are involved with electoral organizing and party politics, and students who are organizing a massive feminist demonstration in the next two weeks. One student is heading up a campus-wide campaign to implement Preferred Name Policy, another facilitates the Teaching for Hope and Justice Network, and another leads a group focused on drug policy reform. Recognizing the diverse approach that students have taken so far in trying to build a better future, the students involved in the OSA at UC are connecting these efforts to make them more powerful than they are when they remain isolated.

This meeting sparked a critical conversation about the stake that all of us have in the present and future of the education system, and why it is strategic to operate at the state level when seeking change. Students from Cincinnati will be traveling to Columbus this weekend for the second annual Ohio Youth Congress, to continue the conversation with student leaders from the rest of the state. We will also be meeting on campus in the upcoming weeks to discuss plans for the rest of the school year. 

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