Campaign for Educational Justice

osa_red_square2.jpgIn 2013, the Ohio Student Association will continue its fight for educational justice by organizing around the dual problems of skyrocketing tuition and debt, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Over the weekend of March 1-3, OSA will bring young leaders from across Ohio together to lay out a statewide educational justice platform with a long-term vision for building power and winning structural reforms at the statewide level. Following the March convergence, we will launch a campaign for educational justice centered around the upcoming state budget fight - no other issue in our state is as impactful for Ohio’s communities as the biennial state budget, and our conservative governor John Kasich is promising a new $100 million tax cut, which he thinks will ensure his reelection in 2014.

At the heart of the budget fight lay three key questions: (1) what is the purpose of government, (2) what is the purpose of the economy, and (3) what is the purpose of education. In the last budget, our governor and the GOP controlled legislature cut 13% of higher ed funding and $2 billion out of schools and local government. For far too long, the state has reduced support to students and families. It is now time to reinvest into our students and communities.

Through the spring and the rest of this year, OSA will continue to work in alignment with other member groups from the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, as well as allies, workers, and policy think tanks across the state, to build a multi-generational movement for reinvestment in Ohio’s future.