"Catchin Bodies" Statewide Summit


JUNE 11-12th!

Columbus, OH

 We all know what happens during presidential elections in Ohio. For about 3 months we’re the most important place in the nation. As young people, we’re told we have the fate of the state, and the fate of the nation in our hands, and everyone rushes to tell our story for us. They will say young people are apathetic. They will say young people are entitled. They will say young people are uninformed. They will try to tell our story for us. Will we let them?

The purpose of the OSA 2016 Catching Bodies Summit is to bring hundreds of Ohio students together to tell our own story through words and action in the fall of 2016. This will be THE Ohio student movement conference of Summer 2016!

At the Catching Bodies Summit we will be crafting our collective story, providing movement-building training, and developing strategy for the popular movements OSA will be launching this fall and beyond.

  • Through our BlocPower program, OSA will register 20,000 young voters this year and distribute 100,000 voter guides.

  • In August, we will launch a statewide popular movement of students forcing their universities to divest from private prisons.

  • We are also currently supporting the launch of a statewide Climate justice student network.

You should drop EVERYTHING you’re doing and come if:

  • You are already part of an existing OSA team

  • You and your people want to get involved in civic engagement, prison divestment, or climate justice organizing

  • You care about justice and want to be apart of a powerful emerging community that shares your values


If this applies to you, fill out the Registration form below!