OSA Fellowship for Community Change


The Ohio Student Association has welcomed 55 young leaders from 9 cities around Ohio to the first Fellowship for Community Change.  OSA fellows come from very different places but all have one thing in common: a desire to fight for justice in communities across Ohio. This semester-long program focuses on teaching young change-makers the art and science of community organizing and civic engagement.

Throughout the semester, participants actively engaging in the movement for a better future for Ohio’s youth. Fellows are working on one of two campaigns:

  1. Raising awareness of the impact that crippling student loan debt has on all Ohioans and to fight for more need based financial aid by expanding the Ohio College Opportunity Grant. 
  2. Fighting against the "School to Prison Pipeline" by helping to pass a bill in the Ohio legislature that would remove the mandate for zero tolerance disciplinary policies in Ohio schools.

The fellows will be traveling around the state for trainings, retreats, and actions. Look out for whats next as these fellows' feet hit the ground!